Warhammer 40k Lords of War Bay Area Warhammer 40k Gaming Club
Player Registry

The Lords of War have players located throughout the SF Bay Area. Many of us have tables and can host games!

If you'd like to play some 40k with us, visit the Join our Games section and follow the instructions so you receive upcoming event information.


The 40k Lords of War Player Registry

Steve	D	Burlingame	
Matt	H	Concord		X
Adam	H	Cupertino	X
Jasmin	S	Cupertino	
Zach	P	Daly City	
Boris	A	Foster City	
Henry	C	Fremont	
Mark	V	Hayward	
Adam	B	Hercules	X
Daniel	C	Morgan Hill	
John	F	Morgan Hill	
Sam	C	Mountain View	
Ian	R	Mountain View	
Eran	R	Oakland	
Jeff	H	Palo Alto	
Matthew	F	San Carlos	
Luke	C	San Francisco	
Alex	F	San Francisco	
Mark	S	San Francisco	
Matthew	S	San Francisco	
Garrett	B	San Jose	
Alex	B	San Jose	
Tim	C	San Jose	
Brian	C	San Jose	
David	D	San Jose	X
Karen	D	San Jose	
Jesse	E	San Jose	X
Victor	F	San Jose	
Anthony	G	San Jose	
Stephen	H	San Jose	
Andrew	I	San Jose	
Carlos	M	San Jose	
Chris	M	San Jose	
Steve	P	San Jose	
Keith	S	San Jose	
Grant	V	San Jose	
Brad	B	Santa Clara	
Mark	J	Santa Clara	
Dave	M	Santa Clara	
Sean	M	Santa Clara	
Matt	S	Santa Clara	X
Forrest	P	Santa Cruz	
Doug	C		
Stephen	C		
Will	E		
Joshua	E		
Jazz	H		
Jeff	K		
Alan	L		
Jason	L		
Samual	M		
Adam	R		
Cody	S		
Chris	W