Painting Requirements

All players are expected to paint their models to a 3-color minimum to be "table ready". Nobody likes plastic or primered models on the table!

The 3-color table ready standard is easy to achieve -especially if you use a spray color base coat instead of primer. These are spray paints that are both primer and base color in one.

3-Color Standard

The minimum 3 colors you need on your models are:

1 - Model Base Color
2 - Accent Color
3 - Base Color

Model Base Color
This is the base color of the model.

Accent Color
This is usually weapons to help your opponent identify your armament.

Base Color
This is the base itself.

Fast Painting technique

If you have a lot of models or just want to get them ready to play quickly there is an easy method to paint them fast and get them table ready.

Once you have the required 3 color minimum painted you can participate in our games then go back at your liesure and detail them.

Model Base Color

Paint the model base color which is usually the color that will be most predominant on the model.

You can prime it with spray primer then brush the base color on or use a spray base color and save a lot of time.

Accent and Base Color

Paint the accent color and then the base. Accents are usualy weapons, shoulder pads, claws/teeth, etc.

Dry Brush

Dry brush the accents and base for a quick effect that's easy to do and looks great!